बुधवार, 24 नवंबर 2010

Those who fear not are the winners

Those who fear not are the winners

Prof. C. B.Shrivastava “vidagdha’’
O B 11 , MPSEB colony , Rampur , Jabalpur M P 482008 ,Vivek1959@yahoo.co.in / 07612662052

Life is in fact not so simple
Nor is like that what you feel
But to a very large extent
It is something, how you deal

Every day has its new challenges
There are several fears and frowns
Everyone has his own problems
There are several ups and downs

The path of life is through the hurdles
Cross them with a patient mind
As unflinchingly you overcome
Ahead is plain clean road you find

Please don’t hesitate and don’t be sad
With full confidence hold the bridles
Soon you see, yours is the conquest
And are post soon all the hurdles

Those who fear not are the winners
To the highest peak they rise
Only bold ones and the fearless
Get all praises and the prize