शनिवार, 24 सितंबर 2011

Goa a Dream land

Goa a Dream land

By - Prof. C.B. Shrivastava,
OB -11 MPEB Rampur Jabalpur

Of all the lands that I have seen
True Goa is the sweetest and lovely and clean
Here nature and men have joined their hands
To enrich its beauty and express its trends

Blue heaven and ocean the forest and fields
The flora and fauna, its climate and yields
Sun risings on mountains sun settings on seas
The shining sea waters, the pleasant sea breeze

Mixed culture, though modern, yet Indian in core
Fine townships, their people, their customs and mores
The Churches, the temples, their towers and domes
The markets, the lodges and holiday homes

The clusters of palm trees on hillocks and vales
The wild growth of cashew on hill tops and dales
Swift transport, thick orchards, sweet flowers and roads
All impress new visitor, who forgets are loads

Its dreamland of beauty or heaven on earth
Where mingled with breezes are pleasures and mirth
Its difficult to forget it, not easy to explain
Why dwells the desire to visit it again.