मंगलवार, 8 फ़रवरी 2011

Don’t complain of times and tides

Don’t complain of times and tides

Prof C B Shrivastava
OB 11 , MPSEB , Rampur Jabalpur , 482008.
0761 2662052

This world is alluring , but not pious
Darkness dwells in bright disguise
Those who see it , but can’t not feel
Are misled , they are not wise

Almost all that is seen often
Is the projection of one’s mind.
Time runs fast and moves on forward
Only the tales are left behind

Pains and pleasures all that we feel
are the short lived dreams of life
on the way each day are faces
altogether a new strife

constraint silent aim full hard work
is desired for a ride
bright spectrum should be in view
but the target must not slide

happy is he whose wants are limited
who has curbed his wild desires
and is pleased and perfect peaceful
with poor meals and plain attires

Don’t complain of times and tides
Those present their sudden alights
All experienced people say that
Keep mind cool and reach the heights

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